Ace Cafe Celebrates Being 80 at the NEC Classic Motorbike Show

Ace Cafe Celebrates Being 80 at the NEC Classic Motorbike Show image

Ace Cafe London, is turning 80! Having originally opened in 1938, it's teamed up with the organisers of the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show & the Classic Motorbike Show, held at NEC Birmingham 9th - 11th November, with a stand and display including showcasing the cafes remarkable heritage and story, along with an all new “Mod” Special Ace 80th Edition Scomadi scooter!

Ace Cafe London is based upon passion and has been created by people who share an enthusiasm for all that the Ace embodies – motorbikes, cars, music and heritage.

Ace Cafe London welcomes all who share this passion based upon these authentic roots. It is played out to a heady mix of petrol fumes, burning rubber and, on occasion, the sweet smell of Castrol R, all set to a hot rockin’ rhythm.

The Ace Cafe, having originally opened in 1938 this year celebrates its 80th anniversary, was home to the Ton Up Boys and Rockers, the new Ace Cafe London, designed and built by fellow petrolheads, ensures it’s history lives on. The music and the vehicles have changed over the decades, but the spirit, motivation and way of expressing one’s self lives on, individual, non-conformist, rebellious and authentic.

Based on the rich heritage and traditions of the 50s and 60s, Ace Cafe London still embodies the same values. What could be found when going for the ton in the 60s, can still be found at the Ace today.

For many, Ace Cafe London’s iconography and imagery conjures up both THEN and NOW.

Speed thrills, tea spills & rock n’ roll!

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