The sight of a classic motorbike travelling elegantly along a country road is a sight to brighten any enthusiast’s day and thanks to the dedication and commitment of motorcycle clubs around the country, it’s a sight that will remain in the present rather than past.

At the Classic Motorbike Show, bike clubs celebrate by exhibiting prestigious and cherished vehicles for our visitors to enjoy. Joining a motorbike club is a fantastic way of meeting like-minded people and socialising with fellow bike enthusiasts. Clubs have a wealth of expertise and experience amongst their members and can give advice on maintenance and renovation or even purchasing and selling. The show is the perfect place to talk to real hands-on experts and to find the club that will enhance your enjoyment of your classic bike.

Clubs are the lifeblood of the classic community and play a crucial role in ensuring the promotion of the historic and classic motoring movement. We value the important work motorbike clubs do and are happy to accommodate as many clubs as we can.  We are always pleased to hear from classic bike clubs who would like to participate and offer free club stand space to successful applicants. 


If your club would like to be considered for a bike club stand at the 2021 event, email your club's details to to be informed when applications open after this year's show.